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Hello. Welcome back to !

Today we are going to show you some several secret that maybe you really want to know.
Hahaha. Yes! We are going to show you some tips to see the pictures from a private instagram account.

Are you wondering to stalk your "ex" because you still can't Move On from him/her???
Alright. I know you can't be patient. Let's start. These are the steps :

1.  Make a fake Instagram account

So many people are doing this because this is the best way you can choose.
How does it works?

  • First, create your new account on Instagram.
         Create your fake account. Don't make an username that draw yourself, don't use your profile picture with your face or any of your information. Also we suggest you to make it as random as you can. It would be better.

  • Second, start follow the person.
          After create your fake account, you must start follow his/her instagram.

  • Last step, wait for his/her response.
          The last step that you should do (even it's sometimes annoying) is waiting for his/her to response you. Then, if he/she has accepted you, no one can disturb your "Quality Time". You can stalk your target, freely ! Enjoy!

2.  Use your Friend's phone or his Instagram account.

A great stalker is never ever want to leave this way. This is the best way ever to stalk your "ex" without an extra effort. Use your friend's phone (that has followed your target) to see his/her story or pictures freely. You don't have to make a fake account first to stalk his/her account.

Or you can borrow your friend's account to login via your phone. Enter your friend's username and password. Then, start to stalk your target, dude !

Timeless, Effortless. Easy, right???

3.  Ask her directly like a gentleman.

This is (maybe) your last way to stalk her directly. If you are too LAZY to read Step 1 or Step 2, here are the last steps :

  • Follow him/her directly.
          We think as a gentleman, we should do this. "We died like a real man" is the most gentle and coolest slogan that existing in this universe. Forget your shame, throw away your afraid and DIE LIKE A REAL MAN!

  • DM him/her.
          Text him/her directly via DM (Direct Message) to response your follow. Ask him/her to follback or something. Give him/her a reason why he/she or some chit - chat to follow you back.

Alright, that's all about 3 "WAYS TO STALK A PRIVATE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT", for today. Thank you for reading. We hope this article will be a useful thing for all of the readers!

See you in the next article!

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