Thursday, April 13, 2017

How to improve design skill to decide the color when we design we have a little confuse to decide what the color that will we use, or you're confused to match your main color to another color,this article will help you to solve it, how to find a color that suitable for design ? let's scroll

Colour Lovers is the website that can help you to choose the color,you can use the palettes feature to find a color by hex code and also you can find other color that created by 4M user

you can find over 4M++ palettes inside colourlover,and you can find your custom color with hex

Step by step to find some color that relevant with your color 
  1. Choose your main color first
    *ex : you'll find the color that suitable with your color with main color is =CYAN
  2. make sure you have a hex of color CYAN ex: #69D2E7
  3. fill the Hex to the search box in colourlovers
    *visit this page ->

  4. click search palettes
    *Search Result

  5. finish
click where's the color that suitable for your design and your found the hex of the color
just copy the hex to your color tool in your Photoshop or etc, you just completed tutorial "How to find suitable for your design color" if you feel this article help you, please share and follow this blog
hope you enjoy with us


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How to improve design skill to decide the color
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