Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Learn Algorithm from visual ?

edankeun.com-algorithm is the important thing to make a program,every program must be have algorithm,and this article will share the best place to learn about algorithm , is possible to learn algorithm with visual? the answer is yes!

the solution is 

why visualgo?

visualgo provide illustration of algorithm such as sorting,linkedlist,bitmask,hashtable etc
with global algorithmic you can implement all algorithm to every language programming

for example i'll choose sorting algorithm

sorting is the step to sort a data by specific value,in sorting menu, visualgo provide many kind of sorting algorithm such as bubble sort,selection sort,insertion sort,quick sort etc.

in this example i choose bubble sort, to see this algorithm running you just choose

  1. click (orange menu),choose create
  2. create the number that will be become the data
  3. choose Sort
  4. click GO
you will see the pseudocode in Green Box and the result in Pink Box
you will see the algorithm running step by step and also you can determine the speed when the process running,i always set in low speed if i want understand how this algorithm working

linked list same like Array but Linked list can be called as Array Dynamic because linked list can be ADD or REMOVE depend on your program need,to create linked list you must deep understand the basic, because linked list is more complicated than create usual Array
and now, learn linked list is little easy than you learn from text
you just create the data for your linked list ,and you can use the menu in Blue Box 

  1. Create
  2. Search
  3. Insert
  4. Remove
first create your linkedlist,and choose what the algorithm do you need in linkedlist,don't forget to click Go after you have done set the visualgo, and then you will see the algorithm process in PINK BOX,and the result in yellow box

example search linked list algorithm

in this article we just give you 2 example of visual algorithm but if you want to try more , you can visit visualgo.net,

hope this article help you , i you feel this article suitable to tell people who don't know please share and comment below :)


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Learn Algorithm from visual ?
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