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Useful Library for Android Developers you're android developers you will always hear about the library, what is a library? The library is the important thing that will help you when developing an application we will not explain about library widely, the simple explanation is library same like a plugin in the software.


Standard Package
this standard package is the library that is quite popular
  1. Retrofit
    REST Client for android is useful to fetch data from database, you don't need to parse the JSON data
  2. Picasso
    a great library for image downloading and caching
  3. ButterKnife
    make Button or view on android development more easier than usual
  4. IcePick
    Android Instance library
and now we make a summary about android library
Library For Android

  1. Retrofit
    REST Client API, can be used for fetching data from database
  2. Picasso
    a great Library for image downloading and catching
  3. Ion
    Loading remote Asynchronous networking
  4. Volley
    same as Retrofit , to fetch data from the database , GOOGLE HTTP library
  5. OkHttp
    Support asynchronous request 
  6. Glide
    Image loader alternative supported by google
  7. Android Universal Image Loaderalternative image loader that can replace Picasso and Glide
  8. Fresco
    An Image management library from facebook


  1. EasyListViewAdapter
    Easier to implement list view with Cleaner code, Row View can be created by xml or Java
  2. GridListViewAdapters
    Build Unlimited Grid layout, like PlayStore
  3. StickyListHeaders
    create the first list become sticky when scrolling down
  4. PinnedListView
    Pinned Section with ListView
  5. ListViewAnimations
    customize animate ListView item
  6. Cardslib
    Card UI for List or Grids
  7. PullToRefresh
    useful to make the ListView refresh when scrolling down

  1. UltimateRecycleView
    more Animation, Augmented RecycleView with refreshing, loading more and much more
  2. AdvRecycleView
    Extended RecycleView with swipe to dismiss, and draggable or expanding items
  3. Android-Parallax-recycleviewParallax view on RecycleView
  4. Sticky-headers-recycleviewSticky header animation for Android RecycleView
  5. FastAdapter
    Simple and Great for android RecycleView UI
  6. ItemAnimators
    Animate Add/Remove/Add/Move
  7. RecycleViewHelper
    Provide most common function around recycle view like swipe to dismiss, drag and drop, divider in the UI, create event when selected, on click listener for items

Easy Navigation

  1. JazzyViewPager
    Pages with more animation
  2. ParallaxPager
    ViewPager with Parallax scrolling effect
  3. SlidingMenu
    Easily to create application with sliding menu like those made popular in the Google+, Youtube, and Facebook
  4. DraggablePanel
    Panels that can be dragged
  5. MaterialDrawer
    Easily add a navigation drawer with material style and AccountSwitcher

UI Component
  1. SparkButton
    Library to create button with Twitter's hearth like animation
  2. SmoothProgressBar
    Horizontal Indeterminate progress
  3. Rebound
    Easy spring dynamics
  4. AndroidImageSlider
    Animated image transitions
  5. FloatingActionButton
    Material design floating button
  6. NexusDialog
    Create form dialogs easily
  7. Dialogplus
    Simple, easy dialogs
  8. Iconify
    Easily embed icons into your app
  9. Scissor
    An easy image cropping library
  10. Material Search ViewBeautiful material simple Search view

Image Processing
  1. AndroidPhotoFilters
    create interesting effects on any image of your choice
  2. Android-GpuImagePopular GPU Image Procesing
  3. Picasso
    Image Loader for android studio
  4. Glide
    Image Loader alternative and simple

  1. Stetho
    A Debug bridge for android developers can be used for multiple purposes not limited to Network Inspection, Database Inspection, and JavaScript Console
  2. Bug finder
    Cloud storage for your app logs, track user behavior to find problem on your mobile apps

we will still update list of important library for android developers, if you feel this article help you, please share:)

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Useful Library for Android Developers
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