Friday, August 4, 2017

There is No Game - Gameplay and Review

Hello everyone!
As the visitor request, now we are going to review "There is No Game" game.
There is No Game is made by Kamizoto. This game is made with Construct 2, an application that could help us to make a 2D game. You can download There is No Game & Constract 2 here.
Everyone is wondering what the thing that will comes out from this game? Is there something interesting?
Okay guys, check this out.

This 4.6 rated game on Playstrore is really full of puzzles. But as far as we want to break the mystery, the game will be felt so interesting and exciting. For the first time we play the game, the funny thing is happening in the loading script. It is written "Not Loading". And the next funny thing is when it said "Not a game by Kamizoto". And after that, it said "Probably not made with Construct 2".

We feel a strong sarcasm here.

After that, we must choose the language that we understand. There are only 2 languages that we remember. Only English and France.

Next you will hear the voice of a mysterious character. At the beginning, he asked you to leave the game and do another activity other than play a game. Then he asked you not touching the title and especially the "O" letter of the title game. But actually, it is the hint. So everything that he prohibited, it's exactly a hint for you.

After you touch "O" letter more than 5 times, it will be fall to the bottom screen. He starts to blame you and he will asked you to put it back to it's place. But as much as you want to put it back, the letter won't be placed back again. Then, what you need to do is raise & drop the "O" letter more than 5 times.

Next, a sound icon fell from the top of the screen. And what you need is touch it to make the man stop talking. After that, he will make the icon moving to make you harder to mute it. After you did it, the man will cover the icon with a wood. You must break it down with "O" letter. After you did it, the man will cover it with big heavy iron safe. And you are unable to break it anymore.

What you need to do next is raise & drop the giant safe more than 2 times. Then all of the title game will be fell down to the bottom screen as same as the "O" letter. After that, you will see 2 screws in the middle of the screen. Pull them out by touch them. After that, that will be a box appears. Fill it with the "THERE IS A GAME".

Something interesting will appears here after you finish this part.

Okay, we will skip this part, 'cause we don't want to give you a spoiler. LOL.

Download the game on Google Play or App Store to see more exciting and mindblowing puzzle. Or, click here to play it online!


Thank You!

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There is No Game - Gameplay and Review
4/ 5