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[ FOR YOUR INFO ] - What is Desktop Programmer?

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Edankeun are going to explain you what is the meaning of "Desktop Programmer". We hope you like it. Check it out!

Definition of Desktop Programmer

Desktop Programmer is someone that developing a program that could working in computer and the program file can be executed inside of the computer system file. So basically, Desktop Programmer has the same meaning with Software Developer. Because mostly, desktop app is made by the Software Developer. His job is making apps for working in computer such as Desktop computer, Laptop, Notebook, Mainframe and even Supercomputer.

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Desktop Programming is divided by three. They are Net, Java and Delphi. Usually a Desktop Programmer must to have learned some programming languages, such as Java, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic and many more to make an app. Those app that made by a Desktop Developer is independent without need any support from other program to launch it. The apps also worked without an internet connection.

The example of the product that Desktop Programmer have made is such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Paint, Notepad, Windows Media Player and many more.

Most of apps that have been created is designed user friendly. That means, all of people can understand the instruction and the function of the apps easily. That's why you can even use it without read the instruction even you just start to use it for the first time.

This explained us that Software is dominated Computer as it live inside of it. Without software, maybe computer will do nothing and people will get bored of it. Each software in computer has its function that the users or developers need.

Conclusion :

Desktop Programmer is someone that really important in computer development. Without Desktop Programmer, maybe our computer will just a stuff without function and useless. The apps that they have made is really important in computer operation. Without the application, our computer will just like man without a soul.

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[ FOR YOUR INFO ] - What is Desktop Programmer?
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