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Hello guys and welcome back! Today we are going to give a trick :


Before we tell you the trick, it's fine to know what makes this prank looks funny and how did the people do that.

Well, it's started from the a new update of Instagram on April 2017. In this update, the users are able to make a group chat. And the group chat that you make can invite your friends or even your idol. Someone that you've add to the group will automatically accept it without any option. While it's working automatically, you can invite people as much as you want! And even famous person! So the main part of this prank is actually the famous people like an actor/actrees that you can invite to the group chat and the real trick is here :3

The pattern of this trick is :

Those 3 steps are very simple to do. But before we do this prank, there are sevreal things that you need to have. What is that? Read below!

3 Things that you need to have :

1. Smartphone (Android/iOS)

This is the first thing that you need is of course a smartphone. This is look so ignored, but actually you really need this. Why? Because in the web version, Instagram has no DM icon. So you are not able to make a group chat or even check your DM.

Actually you can download an app to make your computer working as an android like Bluestack or else. But I think it is so wasting time once again, and not efficent.

As a suggestion, you can borrow it from your close friends or your family member, but it's better to use your own (if you have).

2. Instagram Account

The second thing that you need to have is instagram account. This is very important as important as the smartphone. If you have the smartphone but you don't have an instagram account means all of this is useless. So make sure you have your own instagram.

If you haven't make any one, please visit How to make an Instagram Account.

3. Internet Connection

Well this is the most important part from all of this, dude. Internet is the last thing that you really need. You have an smartphone, you have an instagram account but you don't have an internet conncetion is exactly nonsense. Without an internet connection, you can't even open your instagram and furthermore to do this prank! So MAKE SURE you have an INTERNET CONNECTION.

As a suggestion, find hotspot or wifi place to connect your phone to the internet. And if you are to tired too go out there, just ask for a tethering from your friend's phone. Or buy some package data perhaps.

The Steps to do this "Prank"

Okay everyone so if you already have from the 3 things out there, you may continue to follow this step. Here are the steps to do this prank!

Please follow this step and read carefully :

First Step : Add your friend and his/her idol to the group

This is the first part that you actually need to do. Add the famous person to the group. Make sure you know how his/her idol. It will more make a sense to him/her.

Second Step : Add your friend to the group

Next, add him/her to the group. Your target should don't know about this and make sure he never heard or knew about this prank before.

Third Step : Type what you want

In this step, you should pretend to be his/her idol and greet your friend. Actually the trick is here. After you type hi or something, you must leave the group ASAP. Why you should do that? Because if you don't, your friend will realize that you just type it in the group. And why again? Becuase your username is still seen on the group chat screen.

Last Step : Leave The Group

As we said, after you do all of these steps you should leave the group as soon as possible. And wait for your friend's reaction!

Alright, that's all the trick that we can share. Hope you like it and ssssssstttttttt... Don't let them know this trick!!!

Do you have any request about the trick? Just mention us!
See you!!!

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